About Us

Unolabo Skillmarket

Global Marketplace. Next Level of Your Freedom

  • Global marketplace-platform on blockchain
  • The system of training and rewards for developing professionals skills
  • Personal tracker - to get the best deals and income growth
  • Security of performed deals, social reputation and transparent rating

  • The marketplace-platform - development of the professional skills, safe deals based on smart-contracts.
  • The reward system for freelancers, which encourages income growth
  • Blockchain-register for recording transactions; scoring and evaluating professionalism
  • Decentralized arbitration for solving disputable situations
  • Absence of commissions for transactions on the platform
  • Security and transparency of transactions due to the use of smart-contacts

  • Convenient payment system. Implementing UNLB - utility token for a convenient payment system and P2P payments on the platform. Integration and connection of the popular payment systems: VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, JCB, Amex, PayPal. Currently we are working on developing Unolabo own payment system with the issuance of electronic payment cards with the support of UNLB tokens.